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NSTP Awards

NSTP's annual awards recognize many of the association’s outstanding members and others who have selflessly devoted their time and skills to advance the professionalism and educational advantages provided to NSTP members and the industry as a whole.

Receiving an NSTP award embodies a commitment to the association and to the tax professional industry.

Awarded by the Board of Directors to a volunteer for efforts enhancing the effectiveness of NSTP, selfless contributions of time, talents and contributions toward the betterment of NSTP.

Year Name
2007 George Sook
2008 Dana Minot & Rick Harris
2010 John Haugner Jr.
2011 Floyd D. Thomas
2014 Marie Izzo
2018 Mary Schneider

Awarded by the Director of Education to honor an instructor who provides a quality educational experience for the membership either through the Tax Helpline, webinars or live classes. The instructor maintains a high level of professionalism, consistently educating themselves on current information and through their service helps to retain or enroll members into the organization.

Year Name
2014 David A. Kelly
2018 Isaac R. McRae III

Awarded by the Board of Directors for exemplifying service to the organization, consistently displaying the characteristics of leadership, vision and dedication to the members of NSTP, and setting an example of ethical conduct and professionalism to be modeled by all.

Year Name
2007 Laurie Conner-Jarrett
2008 Paul La Monaca
2009 Ronald Larson
2010 Greta Barncord
2011 Keith Huebel
2013 George Sook
2014 Nina Tross
2015 Bill Horn
2018 Floyd D. Thomas

Lifetime Membership Award

Year Name
2012 Laurie Conner-Jarrett
2016 Bill Horn
2021 Paul La Monaca, CPA, MST

Awarded by the President of the Board as a discretionary award. This award provides the President of NSTP the prerogative of acknowledging individuals whom he or she deems worthy of recognition.

Year Name
2008 Eric Hansen & Margarita Lyda
2014 Paul La Monaca
2015 Delta Johnson
2016 Joshua Koitzsch
2018 Albert L. Young
2021 The 2020 Office Team

For the contribution of exemplary articles to NSTP

Year Name
2007 Marty Stein
2008 NCSTP / Jerry Bowman
2009 Lucia Smeal / Rod Ervin
2010 Ken Black
2011 David A. Kelly
2012 Nina Tross
2013 Frank Harris
2014 Rod Ervin
2015 Anita Robinson

Awarded by the Board of Directors for outstanding contributions in promoting and enhancing the image of NSTP.

Year Name
2015 Paul La Monaca
2018 Serge Gautron
2021 Kristina Rice