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I got my first introduction to tax world as a young tax courier in my father’s business.  He prepared taxes for 50 years until retiring in 2020 at 89 years of age.  His endurance and passion must hereditary.  Tax law can be tedious and mundane.  My studious, yet gregarious nature come together to make my interaction with clients more enjoyable.  My father once told me the reason he enjoyed tax preparing was the challenge that no two returns were ever the same and he just liked people.  Individuals, families, businesses, all have different dynamics and needs.  Tax laws change and staying current with these changes is my passion and I hope I can help you with your very unique questions and needs.

After graduating from college with an Associate Degree in computer science, a popular study in the early 80s,  which was not my cup of tea,  I landed a job with BellSouth Communications in Atlanta as a clerk quickly working my way to Network Staff Manager.  In that position, I was the Event/Conference Coordinator and newsletter editor for all the employees in the field.  I was also elected as president of BellSouth Pioneers, the companies volunteer and goodwill organization.  Reporting over a 38,000 member base, we assisted and fundraised for Alzheimers research, elderly care and a variety of community needs through the state of Georgia.

My ambitions did not stop there.  After leaving BellSouth, I obtained a real estate license which is current to this day.  With the housing market waining due to the housing bubble,  I decided to attend tax school. I was employed at H& R Block for 5 years and soon became the district instructor and office manager. I took full advantage of their excellent educational resources to further my knowledge.  In my final years at H&R our office was #1 in the US for revenue and new clients and I had climbed to Senior Tax Advisor.  Not yet satisfied, I laser focused on becoming an Enrolled Agent. Within six weeks of completing the NSTP’s EA Bootcamp, all three EA exams were passed!  Since 2018, I continue to feed the passion and opportunities to expand my knowledge working with NSTP’s Helpline.  I am very honored to be a part of this team today.

Who knows what the future may bring.  My father’s retirement has brought 400 clients to my already existing client base.  My current position with NSTP’s hotline keeps me up-to-date with a multitude of unique and challenging tax inquiries.  Recently I’ve been offered the great opportunity to teach a basic tax course for NSTP.   Maybe, I still have time for my other passions: gardening hiking with my husband John and following my son Steele’s incredible Youtube career.