Serge Gautron, EA

I built a US tax practice in Canada from the ground up. I sold this in order to move to the United States where I will continue to be an entrepreneur.

I am the published author of Franklin’s Way, which is a short book based on Benjamin Franklin’s success principles. I currently run a social media marketing agency, this expertise would be invaluable to NSTP membership in bringing in the next generation of Tax Professionals and building a greater social presence for NSTP.

I am a family man, husband of 17 years and father of three young daughters. I am a renaissance man! I have worked in several industries including machining, renovation construction, retail and restaurant. I have 2 patents pending on some of my inventions and am working on new applications this year.

I am young, energetic and I am just getting started. I have a lot to offer, and look forward to stepping into all aspects of NSTP such as education, membership, affinity partners, procedures and policy.