Marketing | Affinity Partners
Denise Weston

Denise’s professional background in small business as well as the corporate world has provided her with a skill set that emphasizes marketing and social media. Denise learned about tax service firsthand as a customer service rep in a small, local tax preparation office in Vancouver.

Like most staff at non-profit organizations, Denise wears several hats. She is the Digital Content Marketer and Affinity Partner Program Coordinator. She also writes and edits copy and proofreads all NSTP promotional documents, both online and print.

She has worked in the offices of major corporations including Hannah Motor Group, locally-based Nautilus Group, and more recently, Kroger Company at the Fred Meyer Main Office. Denise’s skills in copy writing, copy editing, and proofreading add to her experience in website planning and design, project management, and sales. Always learning, Denise is increasing her knowledge in html through online classes.

Denise enjoys working as a team player and believes that the united efforts of people with varying skill sets will lead to excellence. Denise holds an MFA degree from the University of Oregon, is married and has two children, both grown. She lives with her husband and rat terrier Lucy in Southwest Washington State.