Office Administrator
Delta Johnson

Office Administrator Delta Johnson keeps the NSTP running like a well-oiled machine, taking a proactive approach in her support of trainers, members and the board of directors. Her goal is always to "Make our members happy!" Noted for her organizational and problem-solving strengths, she is adept at juggling and prioritizing the myriad of timetables essential to efficient association operations.

Delta makes sure that the educational programs presented throughout the country have all the materials they need. Since assuming the office administrator role in 2012, she has brought the printing in house, saving money while increasing productivity. She and her team of five work together and with the board of directors toward organizational growth by bringing value to the members.

Many of the members may not know that Delta brought an amazing background to her current role. She spent 23 years in the business community as a buyer for Nordstrom and later, the May Company, generating more than $5 million in sales per year to earn multiple awards, including "Associate Buyer of the Year" and "Buyer of the Year."

In her spare time, Delta enjoys gardening and swimming with her husband, especially now that her two children are grown.

Delta says, "NSTP has been a great opportunity for my personal and professional growth. I feel honored to be serving in the capacity I have been afforded in this organization."