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2013 Federal Tax Update & Review DVD

Book Included



DVD (NO CPE Credits)



DVD + 8 CPE Self-Study




Book Not Included



DVD (NO CPE Credits)



Below is a 20 minute clip from our 2013 Federal Tax Update DVD

Topics Highlights 2013 DVD

  • 2013 Forms Review
  • Selected Provisions of New 2013 Legislation that Might Be Passed
  • Selected Provisions of "Tax Relief Act" and "Job Creation Act of 2010"
  • Introduction to the "2010 Health Care Act" After the Supreme Court Decision
  • Tax Transactions in 2013 and Beyond Affected by the Legislation of the 21st Century
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): What's Happening?
  • NSTP Hotline Hot Topics
  • Schedule C Issues
  • §108 Home Mortgage Debt Relief Ready to Expire
  • Review of IRS Announcements and Regulations
  • Tax Court Case Review
  • Understanding the Importance of Focusing on AGI
  • Preferential Capital Gain Rate Issues: The Zero Rate Still Alive for 2013
  • Review of the New Basis Rules on Covered Securities and Form 8949
  • Overview of Methods Needed to Calculate Basis
  • Introduction to Passive Loss Issues Relating to Real Estate
  • Understanding IRS Notices
  • And A Whole Lot More...

How to Order DVD:

Below Only Applys if You Attended "Live" Fall Update Seminar or Grand Event

Call (800) 367-8130 or Fax DVD Order Form Below to (360) 695-7115